Costa Georgiadis



Costa Georgiadis is the host and co-creator of Costa’s Garden Odyssey for SBS television. In 2012, he became the host of ABC’s Gardening Australia. His messages are not just important, they’re also highly entertaining. For Costa soil and water are central to absolutely everything and their availability and sustainability is of the utmost global importance.

Food and Food Security are two areas where Costa connects his skills with landscape design to the very future of human settlements, our cities as we know them. He is involved with Regenerative Agriculture and the holistic practices that are being nurtured to deal with the issues of a rapidly urbanizing world. Through ongoing workshops, lecture series, keynotes, expos and on site practicums, Costa is actively involved with delivering this message to the broader community. His work with primary schools, high schools, TAFE Colleges and Universities, Industry Groups and Community organisations reflects his ability to take the message of a permanent self-sustaining culture, and give it traction to any audience.