City of Darebin



It has been 3 years since Darebin Council’s historic climate emergency declaration on 5 December 2016, and we are still calling for urgent State and Federal action on climate change.

On Monday 2 December 2019 Councillors renewed calls for the Victorian and Federal Governments to also declare a climate emergency and achieve zero emissions by 2030 through policy reform. We have outlined five key demands relating to renewable energy, electric vehicles, construction and the use of recycled materials for roads, footpaths, products and packaging, to help Australia achieve zero emissions by 2030.

Council is taking a range of actions across energy, waste, transport, business, procurement and events to reduce emissions. And, importantly, we are working closely with our community and businesses to find effective solutions that will restore a safe, liveable climate for humans and for the environment.

This year, the City of Darebin is supporting the Festival through sponsorship for its headline event, the National Climate Emergency Summit.