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City of Melbourne is proudly supporting the Sustainable Living Festival

From the banks of the Yarra to the trees that line our streets and parks, Melbourne is a city with a unique environment that we need to nurture and protect for future generations.

As temperatures continue to rise at alarming rates, what can we, collectively and individually, do to help slow them while adapting to ensure our city is healthy and sustainable in the future?

The City of Melbourne has made great progress, but we can’t do it alone; we need everyone’s input to help Melbourne become a city of sustainability.

Let’s take action now to make the difference for Melbourne. Come along to one of our free events to learn how!

Take a look at City of Melbourne’s sustainability initiatives for 2019:

Nominate a Special Tree

Is there a tree you love in a backyard, local business or on school grounds? Help City Of Melbourne to protect our urban forest by nominating a tree for our Exceptional Tree Register and we can recognise and protect exceptional trees on privately owned or managed land.

Melbourne Renewable Energy Project

The City of Melbourne is the first Australian capital city fully powered by renewable energy.Street lights, public BBQs, electric cars and council buildings are now powered by the Crowlands wind farm, near Ararat.

Sustainable Event Guide

From reusable cups to carbon offsetting, City of Melbourne introduced a number of pretty cool green initiatives for their events last year. Find out how to make your event greener with this guide from City Of Melbourne.

Sustainable Business Guide

If you are a business owner or running an organisation, these tips and tools can help you take action to make your operations more sustainable. There are many ways to reduce the impact of your business on the planet and our community. Get started with this handy guide from City Of Melbourne.