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City of Melbourne cares, so we are working with the community to ensure Melbourne proactively deals with climate change through different strategies and programs across energy, biodiversity, waste and water management.

Our organisation became carbon neutral in 2012 and we have set an ambitious target for Melbourne to become a carbon neutral city by 2020.

A key component of this strategy is sourcing more electricity from renewable energy. The City has set a target to source 25 per cent of the municipality’s electricity from renewables by 2018.

We know that we can’t achieve such an ambitious goal working alone.

All over Melbourne, people are doing their bit to lower their impact on the climate, and you can too.

During the Sustainable Living Festival, City of Melbourne is hosting a range of exciting activities. From learning how to grow your own veggies to connecting through community power, there are plenty of things to get involved in. We want to work with you to create a bright sustainable future for all, that’s why we’re inviting you to come along to one of our events. They’re easy, free and fun!

  • Powering up – building momentum for community energy.
  • Bee Hotels – Park Ranger trailers.
  • Green with envy? Learn how to grow your own green roof.
  • Cooking without waste.
  • Just Eat It – free film screening.
  • Walking tours.
  • Town Hall Veggie Patch.
  • Sustainable Week – Queen Victoria Market.


Plus you can learn about City of Melbourne programs at one of our Eco-city Information Booths. These will be set up at our Libraries and Hubs throughout the festival and during the Big Week-End.


The Sustainable Living Festival has grown into the largest festival of its kind in the world; inspiring and empowering 150,000 attendees to live sustainably. Connecting individuals, community groups, business and government, the Festival will educate and entertain through art, performance, exhibitions and talks. 
The City Of Melbourne is hosting a program of events at a range of Eco City Hubs: visit Library at The Dock to talk to a city beekeeper or visit the Town Hall to learn about gardening in small spaces. 
We are proud to be a principal sponsor of the Sustainable LIving Festival which comes just weeks after the City of Melbourne and the City of Sydney took home a prestigious C40 Cities Award in the Building Energy Efficiency Category for the CitySwitch Green Office program. 
I hope the Festival connects you with the people and tools you need to put sustainability at the forefront of everything you do. 

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