Bright Brewery


Bright Brewery use fresh mountain water, quality ingredients and craft brewing techniques to brew our Mountain Crafted beers. Located on Great Alpine Road in the heart of Bright, our brewery door is open daily from 11:00am until evening. Kick back with award-winning craft beers at Bright Brewery, discover our flavourful range from across 24 taps,… Read more »

Good Beer Co.


Good Beer Co. founder James Grugeon is a man on a mission: to sell a lot of good beer to raise money for good causes. James has over 20 years experience in corporate and social responsibility, media and communications, government relations, business development, environmental responsibility and leadership gained in social enterprises, big businesses and start ups… Read more »

Bayside Climate Change Action Group


Bayside Climate Change Action Group (BCCAG) is a non-profit community organisation that works to reduce the impact of climate change and promote sustainability. BCCAG operates primarily within the municipality of Bayside, but also becomes engaged in activities that have a wider focus.







“As Victoria’s principal membership organisation, RACV takes a leading role in working for the well being of the broader community. We are committed to devoting time and resources to projects, initiatives and activities that have a positive effect on our community. We take seriously our broader obligations as a responsible corporate citizen and will continue… Read more »

Wildlife Victoria


We want to create more wildlife warriors! More people who are actively engaged with their local wildlife and feel equipped to live harmoniously with the animals in their own backyards. We’ll be sharing lots of tips and tricks from our very own wildlife rescue and care volunteers, and hope that you’ll walk away feeling inspired… Read more »



Founded in 2004, OCC Apparel is an established Australian industry leader and pioneer, offering a diverse range of garment manufacturing services continuously focused on sustainability and ethical practices. We want to live in a world where everyone acts with integrity by making positive choices that support the wellbeing of a global community. By focusing on… Read more »

Sustain: The Australian Food Network


Sustain supports the transition to a food system that works for all Australians.  They focus on the ecological, cultural, economic and political dimensions of the food system, and work collaboratively to build pathways towards a sustainable, healthy and fair food future for all. Join the national network of organisations and individuals working together to develop and… Read more »

Treadlie Bike Hub


Nestled within the Festival’s ‘Big Weekend’, the Treadlie Bike Hub is returning in 2017 with everything you need to fuel a life on two wheels. Stallholders are hand selected from bike distributors, retailers, craftspeople, wholesalers, collectors and enthusiasts and will be bringing  bikes, accessories, fashion, experiences and more. The Treadlie Bike Hub  features something for every kind of rider…. Read more »

The Rescope Project


The The Rescope Project is a not for profit organisation providing unique education programs, public forums & consultancy services to better address the root causes of our sustainability challenges and opportunities. The The Rescope Project helps develop new ways of thinking that give rise to the systems and organisational cultures needed to be genuinely ‘response able’ in… Read more »

Pip Magazine


Pip is the magazine for the Australian permaculture community. It is the place for people and groups to connect and share ideas, knowledge and experience, and stay in touch with what is happening around Australia. Pip Magazine is your guide to integrating permaculture and sustainability in your life. There are informative articles on all aspects… Read more »

3CR Radio


3CR is a dynamic, community hub that has produced radio since 1976. 3CR broadcasters present over 120 radio programs every week and listeners can tune in on 855AM, stream live through the web or download podcasts of our shows. The radio station was established in 1976 to provide a voice for those denied access to… Read more »