Do People Have the Right to Behave Unsustainably?

Fri 16th | 2:00pm - 3:00pm
Think tent

hosted by | RMIT Centre for Management Quality Research
Do people have the right to behave unsustainably? No they don't. But some people think they have the right to behave in an unsustainable way. The challenge we all face is to deal with people who have outdated perceptions of the way they can behave. This is especially important for leaders of organisations, who hope to deal with sustainability issues in an appropriate and responsible way. Dr Boxer will discuss the idea of rights and introduce a framework to help people influence others to behave in "The Sustainable Way" that is necessary for a secure future.

Dr Lionel Boxer
Dr Boxer has worked with organisations since 1981 to improve the quality of management and operations. In many cases his efforts have contributed to reduction and elimination of pollution, but sometimes little change occurs. This led him to research what ensures effective dealings with sustainability issues and publish "The Sustainable Way". He was awarded Fellow of the Quality Society of Australasia, listed in The International Who's Who of Quality, and nominated for a Banksia Environmental Award. He is a consultant with Intergon and an adjunct research fellow with the Centre for Management Quality Research at RMIT, where he lectures, supervises research students and publishes.