Festival Team

SLF wishes to thank the entire team for their hard work and dedication to producing this year’s Festival.


Festival Director Luke Taylor
Administration Manager Rosalie Maxted
Partnerships Coordinator Mohana Ananthanarayan
Exhibitors Team Francisco Lugo, James Stokes, Anli Vuong
Production/Site Team Alain Beaunom, Satta van Daal
Volunteers Coordinator Olive Gilbert
Communications Team Lucy Cassella, Ying Zhang, Tammy Yang
Graphic Design Xin Er Pua, Ruby Ellam
Video Production Marcus Yew, Genevieve Oxley
Website Programming Mattis Kopstad, Lucas Hodge
Website Writers Amanda Hines, Elisabetta Crovara



Open Access Coordinators Valentina Quiroga, Emilia Wallace, Elizabeth Dedman
Event Research Benedetta Martini, Rachel Eastman, Alia Armistead, Hei Tsoi (Norris) Sze
Big Weekend Program Coordinator Sarah McConnell
Great Local Lunch Coordinator Andrea Kimbrell, Paul Gorman
Venue Coordinators Alexandra Faure, Sian Findlay, Lester Goold, Kirsty Bishop-Fox, Benedetta Martini
Festival House MC’s Rosy Satanek, Julia Earley
Wash Against Waste Sandy Morrison, Andrew Rance
Info Hub Coordinator Carolyn Brush, Karin Wylie
Audio Visual Director Chris Grose



Thanks to the SLF Council for their leadership and support:

Giselle Wilkinson, Peter Cock, Adam Nassios, Carolyn Brush, John Merory, Adrian Whitehead, Michael Staindl and Frank Burden