A song for the sacred in all of us. An invitation to change our perspective, rewrite the story, and heal our relationship with water … one watershed, one meal, one raindrop, at a time. Water is love, and if we write it together, this love story may indeed become one for the ages.

This is a story about water. A documentary centered on solutions. This is a look at the driest of places – California and the Southwest – and the deepest of spaces – our inner worlds and the stories we choose to tell. We are invited to change our perspective, to rewrite our stories, and ultimately, to heal our broken relationships with the natural world.

Where land is desert, and water is scarce, we find hope and resilience in Navajo Nation. Where statewide infrastructure is failing, we find innovation and conservation. Where salmon and beavers are reintroduced into streams, we find restored ecosystems. With reforestation, we find healthier watersheds. In cities, we find urban farmers, healing soil and building community, in conversation with mother earth. Where cattle are managed holistically on grassland, we find cleaner groundwater and healthier springs. Instead of vineyards depleting aquifers, we find biodiversity, responsibility, and hope. Where traditional agriculture has sucked wells dry, we choose a new way forward. And in our own kitchens, we find we have great power, and great choice… to use less, waste less, and ask questions. To choose the water story we tell, one meal at a time.

The choice point has arrived. The old story will bring scarcity. But a new story, one that we can write together, may indeed lead us to abundance and water for all. Only through personal relationship with the sacred can we truly begin to heal. Water is life. Water is love. What can you do, in your life, to be a voice for the water?

Oil & Water- Women of Northern Kenya navigate the opportunities and challenges of a massive oil discovery; as the promises fail to materialise they must face the complicated web that stands in their way: greed, politics and the patriarchal fabric of their world.


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