Marshall Waters is the owner and founder of two zero-waste wine businesses (ReWine and Big Bottle Wine) and has 40 years experience in local and international wine sourcing and selling. Marshall will detail his journey in the wine industry, identify where waste exists in the industry, and how it can be made more sustainable.

This event aims to educate people on the waste produced by different wine sale types and methods of transport.


Marshall Waters is the founder of ReWine, a zero-waste wine business. ReWine’s mission is to help the environmentally aware, conscious consumer live a low impact, zero waste, and sustainable lifestyle. They have been disrupting the traditional wine industry since 2005 turning the wine industry upside down by selling their wines straight from the barrel, into special refillable bottles for takeaway, or serving straight into the glass without using a bottle at all. ReWine’s unique equipment allows them to refill their customer’s bottles repeatedly, saving hundreds of thousands of bottles from going to landfill, this is why they call themselves #thesustainablewinemerchant. The wines are sourced locally, consider the transport carbon footprint, and work with suppliers who share their sustainable vision for the future. Even their bottles are sourced from a manufacturer that uses recycled glass from the South Australian recycling scheme. This provides them with a glass bottle that has half the embedded energy of traditional glass bottles, and theirs can be reused over and over again!

The ticket price includes Pizza and Wine!

Waste in Wine Industry - Resized
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Thu 24 / Feb 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM


43 Rose Street, Fitzroy, Victoria 3065 Australia



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