Tracing the arc of misinformation and propaganda in the United States from 9/11 to Trump and this year’s elections, Oscar-nominated and Emmy Award–winning filmmaker Josh Fox (Gasland) offers a riveting solo performance that confronts us with the truth about the climate crisis in a “post-truth” world. 

The Truth Has Changed is a groundbreaking film – half live performance, half notes from an underground COVID bunker, the piece is a solo monologue that tells the story of this terrifying progression of American propaganda from a front-row seat.

From his experiences as a first responder during 9/11, to his groundbreaking reporting on fracking, to his eye-opening eco-flights over the Gulf of Mexico during the BP oil spill, to the siege of the US Capitol and beyond, Josh Fox is an eyewitness to history.

The Truth Has Changed will inspire you to personal action in the midst of the chaos of the digitized world. Joining the dots between our connections to nature and our connection to each other, the film reminds us that we have no choice but to fight for truth.

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