Following the celebratory launch of RetroSurburbia at last years’ Sustainable Living Festival, David Holmgren is back In the Garden with an eclectic panel to discuss taking retro further.

Obtanium engineering: machines, clothes and permaculture. Can we use permaculture principles to move towards zero waste and maximise resources by repurposing and reusing in every aspect of our lives.


David Holmgren, permaculture’s co-founder and creative reuser of salvage and waste explains the big picture potential for creative reuse, refashioning and obtainium engineering to more intelligently turn the problems of waste into solutions for a benign energy descent future.

Elisabeth van Roosendael, an Ecopreneur who has a “take, make, create” approach to generating a circular economy. She has an innovative approach to clothing and fashion “waste” and incorporates circular design as a way of caring for both people and planet.

Oliver Holmgren, David’s son who is better known for photography is also an obtainium engineer: using domestic and industrial salvage to fabricate everything from motorcycle panniers to hot water heat exchangers.

Kirsty Bishop-Fox is an advocate for Zero Waste Victoria and considers waste from cradle to cradle. Create no waste is much more than managing food scraps, manures and unnecessary packaging. It is about rethinking design to enable us to reclaim, reuse or repurpose what otherwise could have been discarded and lost as a resource.


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Sat 9 / Feb 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM


In the Garden
Birrarung Marr, Melbourne, VIC 3000 Australia



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