Join the conversation to unravel the many ways in which sustainability can be embedded in cemeteries of the future.

How do you dissect traditions, rituals, and ceremony that have developed over hundreds of years and reimagine them entirely with sustainability at the core of their design? This online panel event will discuss how innovative design can transform current and future cemeteries into sustainable multi-use spaces that bring immense value to their local communities.

Hear from industry leaders, designers, and academics as they come together to reflect on the role of cemeteries in our society. Guided by insights from the Greater Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust and the DeathTech research team, our experts will discuss opportunities to retrofit sustainability measures in current cemeteries and make sustainability a key priority in future design.

This thought-provoking conversation will explore the complex environmental issues posed by the traditional cemetery and current rituals and ceremony. By challenging the status quo of these rituals and traditions, the sector can innovate and develop options to both increase sustainability and meet the memorialisation needs of the community.


James Reid – Greater Metropolitan Cemetery Trust (panel facilitator)

Alli Coster – Design Lead, Future Built Environment, Greater Metropolitan Cemetery Trust

Samuel Holleran – Researcher, Melbourne University’s DeathTech

Miranda Wilkinson – Associate Director, McGregor Coxall

Theo Gouskos – Managing Director, Greenshoot Consulting

Image: McGregor Coxall
Image: McGregor Coxall
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Mon 28 / Feb 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM





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