This event is put on by Cohousing Australia and Restorative Interaction as part of the Collaborative Futures Festival.

You are invited to participate in a fun (and potentially chaotic) exploration of co-operation followed by a glimpse of the sociocracy toolkit and how it may help to address some of the natural barriers to communication and cooperation between us. Acting as a map to the rail network of useful concepts, attendees are invited to board a different train of thought and enjoy the journey during and after the event. Sociocracy has been used effectively as a governance framework in cohousing communities for many years. The core aspect is consent based decision making that promotes social equality. It is particularly useful in cooperative groups that want to gain from all members input yet still move forward in a timely fashion. Sociocracy can be applied to groups organising for climate action, social action, economic action and groups scaling from families to governments.
To have a fun demo of sociocracy and explore why it might be useful.
To inspire attendees with a positive vision of cooperation for the future.
To understand that good communication needs systems in place to overcome our natural barriers to co-operation and decision making.
To become aware of some of the natural internal barriers that inhibit effective communication.

This event is part of the Collaborative Futures Festival. Find the full program here:

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Please arrive 15 mins before the session as we have a tight schedule.

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Sun 16 / Feb 1:10 PM - 2:10 PM


Kathleen Syme Library & Community Centre
251 Faraday Street, Carlton, VIC 3053 Australia



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