To talk about climate change is to talk about carbon and AusRegen wants to change that. This “carbon-centric model” marginalises the actions of people in their local landscapes by focusing attention on large carbon emitters and national policies. However, acting locally to repair damaged water cycles can drastically increase our ability to draw down carbon and cool the Earth. Rehydration offers the last chance to save the planet.

The incredible potential outcomes of focussing on repairing water cycles cannot be understated. AusRegen is learning more and more about the potential for using water to cool the planet and they want to share it. There are ecosystems, microclimates, and whole landscapes that have been completely transformed using these methodologies; why is no one talking about it?


Elly Hanrahan finished her advanced science degree with honours in sustainable soils. She then took a ‘gap year’ and became a forest firefighter in regional Victoria where she witnessed pristine temperate rainforest burn to a crisp. Knowing that a reduction in emissions could never solve this, she instead sought out an alternative methodology and founded AusRegen Inc to teach others about the power of water.


Joseph Barnes-Hill is a proud citizen of the Wiradjuri Nation, founder of tree planting initiative, “Save For The Planet“, and founding board member of AusRegen Inc. Joe has a background in renewable energy and BPO, and is currently actively involved in achieving First Nations’ water rights as a staff member at Murray Lower Darling Rivers Indigenous Nations (MLDRN).

David Maher has nearly 20 years of experience in watershed restoration. He has had a keen interest in Australia’s landscape history, groundwater hydrology, water and hydrological cycles, soils and the carbon cycle, geomorphology, and landscape evolutionary processes.  David advocates for and communicates the role that water vapour plays in stabilising climate extremes and facilitating carbon drawdown. As AusRegen Inc’s Director of Restoration, David explains and teaches the practical ways we can restore watersheds with simple earthworks and successional thinking.

Photo by Pat Whelen on Unsplash
Photo by Pat Whelen on Unsplash
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