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Save the Great Barrier Reef? Save low lying islands and countries? Save the polar bear and countless other species? Yes! Then it is time to declare a climate emergency and get on with the job of reversing global warming.

Learn about global warming and the climate emergency. Hear from a diverse range of stakeholders on how we can reverse global warming, what personal action you can take and how you can support a climate emergency response that can save the things we care about.

Speakers include:

Philip Sutton – an expert on global warming.  He will explain in simple terms why we are facing a true climate emergency and what needs to be done to save the planet.

Richard Keech – Richard is an expert on home energy and energy efficiency and author of the book The Energy-Freedom Home: How to wipe out electricity and gas bills in nine steps. Richard will be explaining how you can save money and the planet at the same time.

Bryony Edwards – Bryony will be discussing how we can encourage local, state and federal governments to get active on the issue.

Mark Preshin – Mark will be talking about diet and the particular importance of meat and its contribution to global warming. Mark will be discussing his Climatarian Challenge, a phone app that can help reduce your global warming impact through diet.

Sarah Rees – Sarah is a forest campaigner, campaigning for the cessation of logging in Melbourne’s water catchments and central highlands. She will explain how you can support this important campaign and the role of forest destruction in global warming.

Adrian Whitehead – Adrian has been campaigning on reversing global warming since 2003. He will be introducing the topic of global warming and MC for the event.

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Wed 22 Feb 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm


The Stolberg
197 Plenty Road, Preston, Victoria 3072 Australia


Standard: Free

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