Did you know more people are eating plant-based foods to reduce emissions and tackle climate change? You too can step up your plant-based cooking game.

Join Shannon Martinez for a live online session cooking along from home.

Participants will learn how to cook a delicious plant-based dish, pick up plant-based cooking tips, get a peek into Shannon’s pantry, and hear why choosing plant-based foods is a great way to take climate action.

This event aims to encourage and support Yarra residents and others to choose plant-based foods to reduce their carbon footprint.


Shannon Martinez is Head Chef and Owner of Smith and Daughters, Smith and Deli, and Lona Misa. Shannon is an unlikely candidate to be the poster girl for plant-based dining. But she is, and she’s unstoppable. Shannon is well and truly underway in her mission to change the way the world perceives plant-based dining and change the way people eat. This time, it’s coming from a different perspective. Being a meat-eater gives this mega-talented chef the capability to create unique tastes and textures unlike anything on the market today; ones that truly replicate meats, cheeses, and good old family recipes. Meat-eating, paired with a lifetime of cooking experience (literally since she can remember), outside-the-box methods, and the willpower of a freight train, she will stop at nothing to try everything, and perfect her recipes until they’re suitable to her own extremely high standards. Armed with a strong hospitality network, and proven tenure in her industry with great success in plant-based dining, Shannon has a foundation for veg food to be taken seriously in some of Australia’s most meat-driven kitchens with some of Australia’s most unconvinced carnivorous chefs. Shannon has converted them, taken their restaurants, sold-out events within hours, and shown them just how crazy the market for vegan food really is. Works every time.

Shannon Martinez, Head Chef, Smith & Daughters (Image: Kristoffer Paulsen)
Shannon Martinez, Head Chef, Smith & Daughters (Image: Kristoffer Paulsen)
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Tue 15 / Feb 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM





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