Climate change is an unprecedented global crisis that threatens our very existence as a species. The science is clear – we either radically change the way that we behave in relation to global ecosystems and resources, both individually, and collectively, or the future will be extremely bleak for our children and coming generations.

We need to design our way out of the mess we are in, and we do not have much time left to do it. Humanity must transition from being the most destructive force on the planet, to being the most beneficial, and we will all need to participate in the change to an ecological civilisation.

We CAN do this – we have the knowledge and design systems to turn this around – but there is no time to waste. Learn about how you can become an “agent of change” and contribute to reversing climate change, sequestering carbon in the atmosphere, and regenerate degraded environments.

Kushala Prem is a permaculture teacher, designer, consultant and artisan landscaper. He is an engaging speaker and teacher, and is passionate about sharing knowledge around solutions for the global challenges that we are facing.


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Sat 9 / Feb 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM


In the Garden
Birrarung Marr, Melbourne, VIC 3000 Australia



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