Growing mushrooms at home in the city is a great way to produce homegrown produce with a quick return, all year round and with little space required. Mushrooms grown well under the right conditions can produce a fleshy fruit that is a great substitute for meat, making it an all-round tasty alternative in home-cooked meals. This adds even more satisfaction to this sustainable living practice. Growing mushrooms can be a fun and fascinating journey.

In this workshop, you will be guided by mushroom growing practitioners Stuart Muir Wilson and Emma Wasson who will introduce you to the incredible world of mycelium and set you up with your own take-home mushroom grow kit to get you started on your mushroom growing journey.

Workshop outcomes:

– Learn about the life cycle of mushrooms

– Learn to create and maintain a take-home mushroom grow kit

– Learn when to harvest mushrooms and take home some recipes to try

*** Please note there are no toilet facilities on site – the nearest are located at the Newmarket Shopping Centre ***



Emma Wasson is a community-based educator, primary school teacher, and former environmental campaigner.  She has a natural fascination with nature and, combined with her love for learning, turned an experimental hobby of growing mushrooms at home into a passion. Emma has built her knowledge on the ecological and medicinal benefits of fungi and explored the growth cycles of a number of varieties from pink and yellow oyster mushrooms to Lions Mane and Turkey tail. This led to a dip into the world of making medicinal mushroom tinctures. Sometimes found playing in a lab to grow mycelium cultures on petri dishes with mushroom grow buddy Stuart Muir Wilson, Emma’s workshops are educational, practical, and a sharing of her joy and enthusiasm for growing gourmet mushrooms at home.

Stuart Muir Wilson is an architect, bioenergy expert, and humanitarian, and has worked on large-scale environmental projects in conflict zones, co-operatives, ecological catastrophes, refugee camps, and international development for over 13 years. Serving in vulnerable local and international communities including Germany, Australia, India, Nepal, Eastern Africa, and Mexico, Stuart brings an interdisciplinary approach to ecological system design and implementation. He is passionate about ecological and energy justice, creative carbon capture, and where arts, ecology, placemaking, and energy intersect. Stuart also has a passion for turning waste into energy to power the living carbon sequestration economy that creates meaningful employment.


Mushroom Workshop - Resized
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Sun 20 / Feb 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM


Kensington Stockyard Food Garden
Cnr Bluestone & Serong Street, Kensington, Victoria 3031 Australia



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