What is it like growing up in a climate emergency? Let’s put ourselves in their shoes and build awareness, compassion, respect, and support for the School Strikers.

Meet two inspirational School Strikers! How do they juggle it all? What does the SS4C mean to them?

Romy and Cindy from the SS4C movement will unpack what it’s like to be a School Striker – how they’re managing all the demands of school, activism and the rest of life; what they’re aiming for; and how we, the community, can support them. The future belongs to (and could be saved by) these passionate, motivated, and intelligent young people in the SS4C movement, so come along to get to know them and get behind them!

Read about these climate leaders’ experience in activism below:

My name is Romy.

I have been involved in SS4C since around June 2019, helping organise the amazing September 20 Strike and November 29 sit down. The 2019 elections were really confronting, knowing that another term of inaction on climate change and denial of its very existence was ahead of us. That night I decided enough was enough – I wouldn’t sit around waiting for someone to come along and save us! Apart from SS4C, I volunteer with the Australian Youth Climate Coalition. They have been extremely important throughout my time as an activist. The community of activists they have created is incredibly supportive and encourages me to work harder every time I see them. Outside of Activism, I play the piano and kickbox. It’s nice to have something outside of school and my work at SS4C. Kickboxing has been a great outlet for my frustration at our current political climate! This year I start Year 11 at Melbourne Girls’ College. My subjects are well rounded, all the way from science and maths to history and literature. I’m most looking forward to history as the world is quite an interesting place.

My name is Cindy, and I’m going into year 12.

The results of the May election fuelled me into climate activism. I began attending Friends of the Earth’s Act on Climate collective where I was involved in actions for the Victorian Emissions Reduction Target. From there I joined the SS4C team and helped organise the September 20 Strike and November 29 Bushfire solidarity sit down. My activities included briefing unions, organisations and the Victorian environment minister Lily D’Ambrosio. What I love most about School Strike is our emphasis on first nations justice and the momentum we bring to young people. At school, I study the IB diploma and my subjects include Biology, Chemistry and Economics. Learning about the science behind climate change and economic policy heightened my anger towards our government’s inaction. As a result, I co-founded the first Australian WEAll Youth hub, where we advocate for a circular economy, an economy that places people and the environment above profit. I have been involved in related talks with Aus Unity, CSIRO and CEDA. I also work closely with the Port Phillip Eco Centre and Australian Youth Climate Coalition. Outside of activism, I enjoy rowing, playing classical guitar and volunteering with St John’s ambulance service. In terms of future aspirations, I’m tossing up between medicine or an environmental economist.


(SS4C Romy & Cindy) Photo by Rose Danielson
(SS4C Romy & Cindy) Photo by Rose Danielson

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Sat 22 / Feb 11:45 AM - 1:30 PM


Newlands Neighbourhood House
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