Urban Coup has just moved into their new cohousing home as part of the Nightingale Village in Brunswick. The Coup houses 29 households over 7 storeys, replete with common house, activity spaces, guestrooms, shared roof spaces, and rooftop laundry. Before finding a development partner or even a site, residents collaborated to build their community, shape a cohousing design brief, and establish community processes.  About the Urban Coup | Urban Coup. Now living in our new homes we are eager to share our more-than-a-decade journey and our lived experiences to date with others interested. The event will comprise:

A discussion with Urban Coup residents (known as chickens) reflecting on their motivations to be involved

A tour of the building including one or more apartments and main common spaces, some of which remain ‘in progress

An open Q&A session with residents about living in the building to date

CoHousing Australia board members will also be present for Q&A.

Please email us if you have concerns affording the ticket price:


Living In Community
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Sun 26 / Feb 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM


Urban Coup
24 Hope Street, Brunswick, Victoria 3056 Australia



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