Let’s do some plogging! What is plogging? Born in Scandinavia, plogging is the combination of jogging and picking up rubbish, helping the environment while keeping yourself active. How good is that?! Now it’s up to you! Join us for a fun run/walk for 45 minutes to 1 hour.


For a second time, The Plastic Runner is back at the National Sustainable Living Festival with two fun-packed and inclusive plogging events. After the first edition was a complete success, the plastic heroes could not stay out during this edition. The events will be held at Birrarung Marr with the support of the City of Melbourne.

The events will be held on the following dates:
Wednesday the 19th of February at 6.30pm – 07:45pm.
Saturday the 22nd of February at 10.00am – 11:15am. 

But…what is plogging?

Simple! Born in Sweden, the word “plogging” is the action of running while picking up rubbish. In a nutshell, the Plastic Runner crew runs with bags to pick up trash. And even if you are not a runner, these inclusive events host walking groups too…or should we say “plocking”? Just make sure you bring some comfy clothes to go on an enviro-friendly fitness journey with this crew! All the plogging gear is included!

So far, they have facilitated more than 25 events across VIC and NSW, including people of all ages and fitness levels. Together, they have collected over 850kgs of litter, helping the planet and educating the community one step at a time.

THE PLASTIC RUNNER-Let's go plogging for a cleaner planet!2-final
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Sat 22 / Feb 10:00 AM - 11:15 AM


Meet at the Angel sculpture
Birrarung Marr
Russell Street Extension, Melbourne, VIC 3000 United States



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