Bioplastics have been sold to us as a solution to the plastics crisis when, at best, they are a less bad option.

Meanwhile, a crop of Aussie founders has been stepping up with solutions. Phantm, Fungi Solutions & Planet Protector Packaging are using PHA, mycomaterials and wool to deliver safer, more regenerative alternatives to plastics and bioplastics, and have already secured millions in funding.

Join this event to hear how these Aussie innovators plan to disrupt our dependence on fossil-based plastics and bioplastics, and how consumers and supply chains can move to natural materials that leave no trace.

This event will raise awareness, excitement, and hope that there are home-grown and regenerative solutions to one of the dirtiest and most wicked problems on the planet.


Elliot Costello has a history of building impactful social and environmental enterprises in Australia. In early 2020, Elliot cofounded Phantm – an Australian regenerative company on a mission to replace both fossil and bioplastics. Phantm is developing market-leading technology that converts organic waste streams into a compostable natural material that is fully recyclable, can be composted in soil, and biodegrades in ocean environments. Phantm will be the first commercial enterprise to produce PHA in Australia.

Elliot Costello – Managing Director, Phantm

Amanda Morglund – Co-Founder / Head of Research and Development, Fungi Solutions

Lars Ljung – Sustainability Manager, Planet Protector Packaging

Kate Forbes – Product and Sustainability Advisor, Alcmene

Alexandra Krautil – Communications & Key Relationships, Office of the CEO, Greenpeace Australia Pacific

Matt Kendall – Strategist, facilitator, Head Of Brand at Phantm

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Wed 23 / Feb 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM





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