What will it take to create a shared vision of the future?

Many households are struggling to make ends meet. There are now more than a million Australian families in mortgage stress. How do we include everyone in the climate and ecological emergency discussion?

With growing polarisation around climate change and its causes, reactionaries and nationalists are beginning to create divisions that may become powerful enough to undermine forty years of activism.

The aim of the presentation is to join the dots between these apparently disparate issues and show how the Permaculture concept of ‘energy descent’ is now manifesting as declining economic growth. The expansion of both financial and ecological debt is shrinking the possibility of continuing the lives of ease and surplus to which we’ve become accustomed, and that we hope will be possible for our children.

Maybe the antidote is to build communities of trust, where the tragedy of the modern world and our collective sense of loss is acknowledged. With a shared understanding about how we got to where we are as a civilization, we can begin to plan meaningful, joyful lives with less energy rather than be taken by surprise as entropy plays out before us.

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Thu 20 / Feb 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM


General Assembly
12a/45 William St, Melbourne, Victoria 3000 Australia



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