There’s no escaping it ladies…we use lots of products and have many rituals that we follow, but these don’t have to cost the Earth.

This special workshop is truly one-of-a-kind and delves into how women can be more sustainable with their cosmetics, menstrual products, face and body products etc. The event will also look at clothing, gift-giving, money and more.

Perfect for women and teens aged 12+ and those who are caring for or raising girls.

This event will empower everyone from young girls to older women to choose products and a lifestyle that is kinder to the planet. Through this workshop, women will gain a clearer understanding of how wasteful conventional options for clothing, makeup, feminine hygiene, etc can be and how they can significantly reduce their impact on the environment by making greener choices every day. At the end of the workshops, women will gain knowledge on safer cruelty-free brands, zero waste periods, ethical consumerism, DIY beauty, and loads more!


Miree Hancock is a vibrant and dynamic presenter whose passion for living a sustainable lifestyle shines through in everything she does. She attained a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Sustainability and Development and is the founder and director of Green Earth Kids. The business centres wholly around imparting eco-sustainable principles through eco workshops for adults and children, sustainability consultations, and an online store selling Australian-made sustainable play resources. She loves nature and inspiring children and families to cherish and protect it. Miree currently lives in Ballarat with her husband Andy and their 2 dogs and 2 cats.

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Thu 24 / Feb 7:30 PM - 8:30 PM




Concession TICKET: $10
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