Foraging is a revolutionary act however small. By wild gathering plants for food not only are you bypassing global supply chains, but you are also connecting to place and developing relationships with the ecology of which you are a part.

This event will teach participants how to forage wild foods and medicines, the safety and sustainability issues, plant properties, and delicious botanical recipes that are nutrient-dense.

This is a great opportunity to connect to your bioregion through wild cuisine and ethical wildcrafting, build local resilience, increase ecological awareness, and facilitate connection to place.


‘The Perma Pixie’ is Taj Scicluna’s small business based on her deep poetic love of the Botanical Realm. Taj is an artist who fuses together her love of herbalism, foraging, writing, cooking, ecosystem health, personal health, and education into a cohesive offering. Her business is a platform for creativity, a place to weave the romantic wonder of the botanical into something tangible to share with the world.

Forage Harvest


Sat 11 / Feb 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM


CERES Joe’s Market Garden
34 Edna Grove, Coburg, VIC 3058 Australia


Concession TICKET: $28

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