Join Giselle to explore how, using science and art, we can change the narrative from a woeful two degrees of warming and talk of terrifying overshoot to reversing global warming and actually restoring safe climate conditions. Consider with her how we change the trajectory and set a safe and sensible course, get into gear (an Emergency Response Mode) to stop the pollution fast and bring carbon levels back down whilst protecting the biosphere from extremely dangerous temperature spikes.

Giselle Wilkinson, a science-informed activist, author and artist, has recently completed her doctorate focussing on Mobilising Whole Communities to Restore a Safe Climate.  She will be interviewed by Jose Ramos, director of Action Foresight, writer and commoner, to explore what it means to FULLY understand the need for Scale and Pace, how to overcome the many Hurdles we face, and how we proactively collaborate to build and equip the next wave of engaged citizens and activists accelerating the momentum of change and The Sustainability Renaissance.

The strategically optimistic package of possibilities she describes must include the three elements: Threat, Solutions and a Plan for fear to be ‘held’ and hope to grow.  The Plan must include the caveat: ‘safe passage’, then the way through becomes clear and the skies ahead begin to look brighter on the other side. There is no time left to lose. There is no time like the present to get moving. In fact it’s literally now or never. We can create a safe climate if we act now. Everyone everywhere has a part to play for all species and current and future generations. So come join us online for this insightful conversation.



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Tue 23 / Feb 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM





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