Starting at the formation of Earth, this Deep Time Walk covers significant events, including the creation of the Moon, the early evolution of life, dinosaurs, mass extinctions, and much more. The walk will put into context humanity’s rich ancestral heritage and give participants an insight into the interconnectedness of all life in the context of the present ‘code-red’ climate and ecological emergency. A Deep Time Walk is story-telling through walking.

In the course of this immersive, interdisciplinary experience participants will grasp the real meaning of 4,600,000,000 years, the age of our home, develop long-time thinking, learn about the Gaia hypothesis of an interconnected self-regulating planet, and explore the impact our species is having on the living world.

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Tamara Taylor is a social scientist with a background in health psychology. Through her voluntary work with organisations addressing the climate crisis, she came to believe that people require a strong emotional connection to an issue in order to take ongoing meaningful action. Her own experience as a Deep Time Walk participant in 2014 was transformative, greatly strengthening her love and respect for the natural world, and motivating her to take a more active role in confronting the climate crisis and protecting biodiversity. Following this, Tamara trained as a Deep Time Walk facilitator to enable more people to have the experience and has been leading these walks since 2018, in different locations around Melbourne. She is part of an international network of Deep Time Walk facilitators who meet for training and exchange ideas. Tamara has trained two other facilitators, in Melbourne and Queensland, and is keen to see the walks spread to other parts of Australia, The Deep Time Walk was co-created by Dr. Stephan Harding and Sergio Maraschin, at Schumacher College (England). DeepTimeWalk Website | TheBiggestPicture Website

Deep Time Walk


Sun 5 / Feb 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM


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