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Imagine roaming through the bush, scurrying across the red earth of the desert, and climbing rocks along the shoreline. What native animal would you choose to be? A totem is a spiritual emblem that Indigenous Australians have that connects them to their Country.

In this workshop, join Kokatha/Mirning musician Bart Willoughby as he takes participants on a journey to discover their animal totems. Be inspired as he shares stories of how his totems, the Whale and the Eagle, connect him to his people from both the desert and sea.

Participants will then write a song with Wiradjuri soprano and storyteller, Shauntai Batzke, which will tell their stories and express how they connect with animal totems.

ArtPlay will provide all kinds of instruments to find a rhythm and explore the chosen animal through music and song.

Image: ArtPlay, City of Melbourne
Image: ArtPlay, City of Melbourne


Sat 12 / Feb 1:30 PM - 4:00 PM


Birrarung Marr, Melbourne, VIC 3000 United States



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