Acclaimed director Kevin McMahon travels deep into the heart of the boreal forest to explore the chorus of life within. How do trees move, communicate and survive the destructive forces of fire, insects, and human impacts? With stunning visuals and cutting-edge science, Borealis offers an immersive portrait of life in Canada’s iconic wilderness.

Borealis follows acclaimed director Kevin McMahon as he enters the depths of the boreal forest to experience the chorus of life in Canada’s legendary wilderness.

A clever blend of science and spirit, Borealis gives voice to scientists, Indigenous peoples and environmentalists to highlight the urgent need to better understand the natural world and to strengthen our alliance with it.


How can the forest grow and thrive? How can its fragile balance be protected from the threats from insects, extractive industries and climate change? How can we best understand and counteract the great upheaval that is already underway? What lessons can we learn from this majestic wonder?

With stunning, captivating footage and deep explorations, Borealis offers an immersive portrait of the forest presented from the perspective of the plants and animals that live there.


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