The Real Estate Bust: how to know exactly what will unfold next

Thu 19 March 2009 | 6:45pm - 9:07pm
2/1 Spring St
9670 2754

Phil Anderson is the author of the recently released The Secret Life of Real Estate - a must read. Phil’s presentation will briefly outline the history of the 18 year real estate cycle and why this is so important to stock and commodity markets. Then he will outline a little of what can be expected for markets over 2009 and into 2010, with:

- discussion of how past real estate cycles completed, then moved into the new cycle,
- what to look out for as the cycle moves, related in particular to the stock market, and finally (if time)
- a brief look at how this fits with the next upside for the 5th Kondratieff wave.

*Phillip J Anderson is Managing Director of Economic Indicator Services (EIS), an economic forecasting service operating out of London and Melbourne.