Safe Climate Fund



The Safe Climate Fund is a targeted fund and campaign resource that was purposefully designed to accelerate the groundswell of action for the climate emergency by providing financial assistance and professional support to leading projects.

The Safe Climate Fund’s work is motivated by the knowledge that our planet is, at a perilous speed, approaching a threshold beyond which human actions may no longer be able to shift the dangerous trajectory of global warming. Serious climate change impacts are emerging sooner and at lower global temperature increases than projected. Mainstream adaptation and gradual mitigation strategies are deeply insufficient for dealing with this level of existential risk.

The Safe Climate Fund supports initiatives that call for commitments to climate goals that provide maximum protection for all people and species and civilisation – goals that aim to restore pre-industrial climate conditions and sequester existing excess atmospheric carbon.

To fulfil our vision of a safe climate future with minimal environmental and social trade-offs, we urgently need to invest in the imagination of courageous thought leaders and stimulate public support for large scale action before it’s too late.