ArtPlay first opened in 2004 and has led the way in terms of arts programming for children and families – prior to this there were few ‘hands-on’ arts activities available for children in Melbourne. Now thankfully there is a host of activities for children.

Today ArtPlay is still at the forefront of innovation through the ArtPlay New Ideas Lab Expression of Interest program which gives artists the time and space to create new work with children and take risks. Most often these works find a life beyond ArtPlay and tour to other venues in Melbourne and beyond.

ArtPlay will always be about giving children the ‘raw ingredients’ to make their own creations. Children are given the materials and techniques from which they can create original artworks from their own ideas. This is done alongside professional artists who share their artistic practice and have a genuine learning exchange with the children.

In the next 10 years ArtPlay will grow as a hub for children and families with increasing outdoor activities around the venue; increasing free open interactive exhibitions; and the opening of a kiosk. Our wish is to have ArtPlay as a place for Melbourne families from all walks of life to explore the arts and to come together as a community.